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Maecenas are people who invest in the production of art and literature. Without the help of several patrons I encountered along the way, I could never have been able to continue writing. Therefore, for those who wish, I am asking here for a punctual or monthly contribution. If my texts touch you, your giving will be a great help so that I can continue reflecting, dreaming, thinking, sharing these reflections with you. Think of it as the contribution to a coffee, a magazine, a movie, something you like to do, a plant you’d like to water, an art that brings benefits to the heart. It is a modern, supportive, gentle, loving way of contributing directly to the person who writes rather than going through the impersonal ways of paying publishers, editors, agents, and nothing is left for the source. Any contribution will bring light, gratitude, hope, and strengthen me in this beautiful and solitary way of dedicating my writing to the path of blossoming.

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The Support Network

According to Tibetan Buddhism, generosity is one of six qualities that we have to develop in order to succeed in everything we do and to help others in the best possible way. If we act inspired by these qualities and, at the same time, renounce the attitudes that make us suffer, we will achieve true happiness. Therefore, according to this philosophy, those who practice sincere generosity are happier, have a more auspicious future, and a life more favorable to their own well-being.

It is not very hard to verify the truthfulness of this. We just need to look at our own lives. It is not about giving and receiving, it is much deeper than that. When we give from the heart, the act of giving itself invigorates us. It makes us bigger, helps us to discover ourselves as the extension of others, which we really are.

When I look back, I see that I was supported throughout my life as a writer by a fabulous support network. Otherwise it would have been impossible to conceive and write so many texts and books. At first, I dreamed of making a difference. Over time, I understood that the path of happiness, and of generosity, was much more subtle.

To be generous, you have to be yourself. Deeply and fully you. It was in the search for myself that I was able to really find others. I was not what they expected of me, I did not find what I expected from them. In this wasteland, devoid of expectations or illusions, I found true connections of the soul.

All the steps of my journey as a human being and as a writer, (there being no separation between my humanity and what I do), had some kind of support. At the same time, I have tried to do the same for others, to encourage them to be themselves, to support them in supporting and helping others.

When we discover ourselves as part of this loving network in which we do not exist without others, the greatest and most generous blessing of the way is to realize that there is no movement more deeply human than overflowing love.

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